Puppy and dog training

Puppy classes

The Stow Veterinary Surgeons pre-school puppy classes run from 7pm until 8pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the Stow surgery reception. Specifically designed for owners with puppies of 13 weeks or younger on the date of their first class, they run as a course over four consecutive weeks.

Classes include advice, discussion and plenty of fun activities geared towards socialising, habituating and training young puppies to help them develop into relaxed and confident adult dogs. Class sizes are a maximum of six to seven puppies to ensure that each puppy has enough time and space to get involved and feel relaxed.

The classes offer a valuable opportunity for puppies just starting out on, or just completing their vaccination course, to mix with both new people and a range of other breeds and personalities of young dogs in safe and controlled surroundings. Also and importantly, puppies are able to experience the veterinary environment in a fun and relaxed way, so that any future visits to the vets can be approached by both puppy and owner with positivity and confidence.

One-to-one puppy and dog training

One-to-one training sessions can enable faster assessment of training issues, through the provision of more detailed, targeted support than can usually be achieved in a class. This can often help to manage and resolve behaviour and training issues more quickly. In addition, for some dogs, owners and training needs, classes are simply not a suitable environment for effective learning. We offer one-to-one training support in the home, off-site and in our dedicated training paddock at the Stow practice.

Behaviour consultations

Sometimes behaviour issues require more in-depth assessment to understand what is going on and how best to help the animal involved, followed by the provision of a carefully-structured management and training plan to assist owners along the journey to reducing or eliminating undesirable behaviours and encouraging desirable ones. We offer tailored, individual behaviour consultations for a wide variety of canine behavioural issues.

To find out more about our dog training and behaviour advice services, please contact us on 01451 830620 or email reception@stowvets.co.uk